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How Data and Analytics Benefit Insurance

In the insurance sector, data and analytics offer dozens (if not hundreds) of ways to benefit the industry. From underwriting to pricing and claims, every facet of business within the sector is driven by data. If this data is not managed or analysed effectively, the organisation’s ability to deliver will be compromised.

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Can Data Make The Government More Efficient?

South Africa has faced many political and governmental shifts over the last year. David Bolton, Qlik’s Director: Global Market Development; Public Sector & Healthcare, believes that despite possible turmoil, data management offers many opportunities to drive efficiency in government. Government organisations hold huge volumes of data which must be analysed to ensure effective financial management, operational integrity, driving public services, and improving staff management.

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Why Analytics? From Analytics to Insight

By James Hickman, Managing Director

South Africa Qlik Master Reseller


Many managers ask the question; “why analytics?”

John Paul Kirton, CEO of Modernising Management the producers of the Analytics2Insights service confirms that “why” is the right question to ask. “Why certainly is the operating word! Why is the continuous question that the analytics process tries to answer!”

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The Challenge of Managing Data in Healthcare

With the advent of electronic patient records comes both great efficiency and an onslaught of massive datasets that must be managed. In addition to patient records, hospitals now have clinical, financial and operational systems that run on data-centric systems – all of which must be carefully managed to connect all the data together.

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Four Ways To Fortify Finance with Data

Today, more than ever before, data analytics and business intelligence play a critical role in the financial function of the modern enterprise. According to Simon Kirby – Director of SI Industry Solutions: Financial Services at Qlik, data weaves an intricate story that should guide the business in its operations – if only management knew how to read it.

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